A solar panel installation on the roof of the Crèche de la Roseraie

The Crèche de la Roseraie building produces solar energy!

M. Battaglione, Mme Gramaglia, M.Marsan

M. Battaglione, Mme Gramaglia, M.Marsan


With the support of the Princely Government, the Monaco City Council has signed a partnership with SMEG as part of the "SunE" solar energy production agreement


For a number of years now, the Princely Government has been installing solar panels at the time public buildings and state-owned properties are being built. The government encourages the local production of renewable energy through subsidies and the availability of a solar registry.

For its part, SMEG is increasing its production of solar power by offering to install solar panels on buildings through its SunE commercial project, as a result of which SMEG funds, constructs and exploits the solar power plant, seeking to optimize the production of electricity on a permanent basis.

On the initiative of Mr Georges Marsan, the Mayor of Monaco, which manages the crèche, SMEG carried out a technical study on the addition of solar panels to one of the roofs of the building. The technique selected is a first for Monaco, and provides a working demonstration of production on a roof of this type that can be replicated on other buildings. In the third quarter of 2018, this installation in the city boosts the project between the government and SMEG, part of the SunE plan to extend local production of renewable energy as rapidly as possible. This installation, which has a power rating of 30 kWc, will produce 35,000 KWh locally, thereby avoiding the need to discharge 3,400 kg of CO2 a year into the atmosphere. The electricity produced covers approximately half the building's consumption, and is the equivalent of the energy requirement of seven homes. Every step counts towards helping the Principality with its environmental commitments and their 2030 and 2050 expiry dates. Given the planned and ongoing private and public photovoltaic developments in the Principality, solar energy is becoming a significant driver of Monaco's energy transition.