Carbon Offsetting

With eco2, reduce your carbon footprint. SMEG gives you the possibility to offset your CO2 emissions linked to your natural gas consumption by financing projects which help to reduce greenhouse gases.

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A partnership between the Prince Albert II Foundation and SMEG.

SMEG has partnered with the Prince Albert II Foundation, as a part of its Monaco Carbon Offsetting program, to offer its Customers to offset the entirety of their emissions linked to their natural gas consumption.

The Albert II Foundation and SMEG, aware that they are complementary, have wished to collaborate, in this way, to raise awareness among our Customers to the consequences of energy consumption on climate change.


To consult the Prince Albert II website, click here.

The principle of carbon offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is a voluntary undertaking which lets you trade (all or part) of your greenhouse gas emissions with an equivalent amount of “carbon credits” by buying them from a third-party. This undertaking allows for the financing of carbon sequestration or greenhouse gas reduction projects which give “carbon credits.”

Our « Carbon Offsetting » Offer for your Natural Gas consumption.

With eco2, you offset your CO2 emissions linked to your natural gas consumption by financing projects to help reduce greenhouse gases.


The principle

We calculate the CO2 emissions produced by your natural gas consumption by taking into account that the combustion of 5405 kWh* of natural gas emits 1 tonne of CO2, equivalent to one carbon credit.

You completely offset the CO2 emissions linked to your natural gas consumption by buying carbon credits stemming from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Monaco Carbon Offsetting program.

Eco2 is billed at the same time as your gas consumption with an additional line on your energy bill.

The aim

By choosing eco2 you reduce your footprint on the environment and on global warming.

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