SunE, the photovoltaic offer

Photovoltaic is in Monaco!

Let’s dress the sun on the roofs of Monaco!

Let’s dress the sun on the To meet your expectations and in order to simplify the day-to-day operational, administrative and financial running of your photovoltaic project, SMEG has developed the SunE offer.

  • We bear the investment of the prject and its feasability studies
  • We carry out all administrative procedures 
  • We insure that the installations and the power generatin work well, these costs will be covered by SMEG
  • ​You will be able to follow the generation online 
  • After fifteenth year, we will give you the possibility of becoming the owner of your installation
  • We will define together the most convenient way of remuneration


For further information please contact our Customer Relations office on 92 05 66 44 or by email at the following address:

An initiative approved by the Government

Photovoltaic power generation is an initiative for which SMEG has created the SunE offer approved by the State.​

An investment incurred by SMEG

To protect its clients from the inherent risks of this type of project, SMEG will bear the investment and will operate the installation of which it will be the owner.

Remunerated local generation

The electricity generated keeps its value as it will be consumed in Monaco as a substitute to the one usually bought in France. SMEG offers to give you back the value of the power generated on your building.

Let’s contibute together to the Principality’s environmental commitments

" Global warming is unequivocal as we can see from the increase in average global atmospheric and ocean temperatures, from the melting of snow and ice and the rising sea levels​. " 

An extract of the 5th Intergovernmental Experts on the Evolution of the Climate (GIEC) report.

The Monaco State, aware of these issues and urged by S.A.S the Sovereign Prince, has given financial incentives to install photovoltaic panels in the Principality since 2014. The aim of the Plan Energie Climat (Climate Energy Plan) of the Principality of Monaco is to reach 20% of final energy generated from renewable energy sources.

In order to support this initiative, SMEG has created a ready-made offer which will allow you to benefit from the advantages of this installation while bearing neither its investment nor its operational complexity.