Our Electricity tariffs

Our tariffs are composed of the standing charge and the price of the kWh.
 Consult our electricity tarifs BT+/HTA tariffs.


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When you sign a SMEG contract, you have the choice between several electrical power levels and several price options.

The standing charge is proportional to the power subscribed. And the consumption is calculated from the price of a kWh which varies depending on the season and the hour.

Our Tariffs :

go Tariff: from 3 to 36 kVA

BT+ ​Tariff: from 42 to 250 kVA

HTA Tariff: over 250 kVA

The BT+ Tariffs


Intended for all customers who need subscribed power between 42 and 250 kVA.

Prices will be vary by season (winter, summer) and according to the time of use (peak/off-peak hours).


The BT+ tariff consists in 4 price periods


Peak hours: At night, 8 hours per day  (11:30 PM  to 7:30 AM), every day of the week

Off-peak hours: the other hours


Your power consumption is the result of the sum of the consumption of all your appliances and electrical equipment.

In order to manage your spending better, you must know each one of them better and clearly identify their use.

Electrical equipment being very different from one professional activity to another, only a precise diagnostic of your needs and your consumption habits will allow to estimate the annual consumption in your premises.

The HTA Tariffs

The HTA tariff is adapted for power over 250 kVA (access to the HTA tariff requires the installation of a private transformer substation):

  • A HTA tarrif A5* base option: peak and off-peak hours, seasonality (winter and a summer prices), as well as points in December, January and February at the rate of two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.


Two prices for the 5 HTA stations

  • Long use (LU)

  • Medium use (MU)


5 tariff periods:

Les Tarifs Vert

High: from monday to saturday, 4 hours a day, 2 hours in the morning (9:00 to 11:00 AM) and 2 hours on the evening (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm).

Peak hours: The night, 8 hours per day from Monday to Saturday (10:00 pm to 6:00 am), and Sunday all day.

Off-peak hours: the other hours


Tariff characteristics:

  • Managing your subscribed power by circuit breaker or power controller.
  • Reactive energy: the billing peak and during winter peak hours, reactive energy exceeding 40% of active energy consumed during these periods.
  • Duration of contract: 3 years
  • The use of energy at the overrun time is invoiced with an automatic adjustment to the subscribed power.


A sales agent is at your disposal to study with you the best prices adapted to your needs and to proceed to the simulations or the useful comparisons to help you in your decision-making.