neXio-PRO is a free service which allows you to analyze your consumption and monitor your energy usage online


To subscribe to the  service, all you need to do is send back the completed questionnaire by clicking here and sending it to:

Click here to dowload "les conditions générales de ventes " 



  • You would like a precise analysis of your consumption 


For all BT+ or HTA contract holders, the ​​ service allows you to permanently track the dataflow from your electricity meter online.

It particularly allows you to make a comprehensive analysis of your consumption from your load curve in order to optimize your electricity bill.

Meter data is updated every week.



With this service  you can consult your active and reactive power load curves with a granularity of 10 minutes (average power for 10 minutes) on a chosen period.


This statistical tool lets you access on a period of your choice:

  • The amount of energy consumed
  • The maximum extracted power which allows you to analyze peak consumption on your sites
  • The average extracted power
  • The minimum extracted power

Finally, for maximum flexibility you can download the dataflow of your meter to process it with the tools of your choice.


  •  You would like to have an overall assessment to manage your budget



 is an overview of your consumption in a few clicks allowing you to follow and manage your budget. Your consumption can be tracked daily, weekly or yearly according to your needs.​

You can access the recorded data of your consumption in order to measure the impact of the actions you have adopted in managing your energy.

If you would like to understand your bill better and to know how best to estimate your next bill, NexioPro meets this need. With  you can analyze what you consume on the different rates of your tariff and better estimate your next SMEG bill.