Professional client area

SMEG has made the online agency, e-smeg available to you, to access your contracts 7j/7, 24h/24

Easy, free, quick and practical!
Your subscription to the online branch will automatically activate the free online billing service.
This service allows you to consult, download and print your bills.


For further information please contact our Customer Relations office on 92 05 66 44 or by email at the following address:


With the online agency, you can:

  • Manage your contracts,

  • Follow your consumption,

  • Manage your bills,

  • Consult and pay your bills online,

  • Manage your bank details,

  • Create your own alerts,

  • Subscribe to egeo or eco2

  • Always stay informed

How to subscribe?

You just need to create your account in a few clicks and complete the online form.

Have your latest SMEG electricity bill with you and go to your e-smeg online agency.

The registration to the online agency is free.

Download the online agency Terms and Conditions in PDF format 

By subscribing to e-smeg, you reduce your environmental impact thanks to e-billing. 0 paper, 100% environmentally-friendly.