Connecting a super yacht

This project was completed in November 2014 via a dedicated 20 000 V transformer station, for a power need of 1 250 kVA.

These installations, created by SMEG, within the framework of the « Contrat de partenariat relatif aux installations de distribution d’électricité des ports de Monaco » (Partnership contract relating to power delivery installations of the ports of Monaco) signed in 2012 between SMEG and Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM). This is a 10- year contract which includes the maintenance, operation, electrical works and technical assistance relating to the ports of Monaco power installations. This agreement provides a wider range of services compared to the previous commitments SMEG has made in this field.

The electrical equipment installed, particularly important and complex due to the specificity of the boats to supply, will contribute to improving the environmental quality of the ports of Monaco thanks to a reduction in the boat’s fuel consumption.

This project is the concrete result of the efforts made to integrate the concerns of the SEPM and the Monaco State to manage the leisure port rigorously and compatibly with the sustainable development policy.

Thus, beyond this project, in 2014 SMEG collaborated with SEPM to create a blueprint on the evolution of the power needs of the ports of Monaco. This allows to determine which projects will have to be carried out in the coming years.

SMEG therefore continues in this way its efforts to offer solutions aiming at modernising the welcome capacities of the ports of Monaco.


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