You would like a future building, to be built or renovated, be powered.

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Request for prior approval to supply a real estate project :

This step has been included for Construction Owners who plan to build or renovate a real estate project.

The aim of this procedure, in terms of electricity, gas and heating and cooling networks is to allow construction owners and contractors to:

  • Validate the feasibility of the power supply of the operation.
  • Reserve, as early as possible, the power supply capacity for the operation.
  • Know the methods of supplying power of the operation (high-voltage electricity, low voltage, gas, CFU).
  • Make it easier to obtain a building permit by showing that the project, as it has been planned, can be supplied with power.

This procedure also allows SMEG to acknowledge the construction owner’s project and to take it into account if other real estate or roadwork projects occur in the vicinity of the project site.

The request for prior approval to supply a real estate operation is notably accompanied by the following documents:

  • The position of the real estate project in relation to the adjacent roads, access points and the passage of the supply lines.
  • The definition, if necessary, of the equipment room, used by the electrical supplier (MV/LV transformer substation, heat exchanger room….) and/or the planned connection points to the network.
  • A detailed electrical power balance of the real estate project.
  • The definition of the potential transmission of the public networks to the private domain of the operation.
  • The definition of the potential transmission of the building’s pipes and mains operated by SMEG.

Obviously, the complexity of a real estate operation and the choice of its supply could require prior discussions before submitting a project for approval. Moreover, SMEG encourages designers to contact them early in the study phase in order to schedule a meeting to find solutions or alternatives which can be chosen by the construction owner or the contractors.


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