A new innovative service is available: myNexio. 

If you are a client of the SMEG, you have received a letter explaining how to quickly connect to this service.

A transformed preview, a service now available to everyone
Proposed to 2,000 clients last October, the results and success of this preliminary launch of  myNexio have led the SMEG to deploy it throughout the territory. 21,000 clients will have the opportunity to use this simple, unique interface available using any internet navigator.


A better understanding of your use to better manage your consumption and your budget
myNexio enables consumers to manage their energy expenditure via their smartphone, tablet or computer. The SMEG designed this interface like a public dashboard which is personalised, fun and interactive, making this service both simple and efficient.


The Smart Home in Monaco
myNexio is a progressive platform: new functions are added regularly by our team of developers in order to offer even more assistance, services and innovations to SMEG clients. A comparison of your consumption with equivalent households, online payment of your bills or management of connected items (lamps, thermostats, etc.) will soon be available on your myNexio interface.


For more information, please contact 92 05 66 44