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Gas rates

Our rates are straightforward:

offers a range of rates according to consumption volume and its distribution over the year (winter/summer). These rates are made up of a subsciption fee and a price per kWh of natural gas used. Your choice of rate will depend on your average use of natural gas.

For natural gas, the meter records consumption in cubic metres (m3). A thermal coefficient (around 12) varies depending on the source of the natural gas (Netherlands, Norway, Algeria, Russia). This coefficient is used to convert m3 into kWh, the billing unit. There are different rates, depending on your consumption volume.

Rate options for use under 150,000 kWh

SMEG • Gaz

B0 rate

suitable for use between 1,000 and 6,000 kWh per year (cooking and domestic hot water).

SMEG • Gaz

Base rate

suitable for customers using less than 1,000 kWh per year (using natural gas for cooking).

SMEG • Gaz

B1 rate

covers a range of use from 6,000 to 30,000 kWh per year (heating with or without other uses): cooking, domestic hot water.

SMEG • Gaz

B2I rate

suitable for use above 30,000 kWh per year and below a threshold varying between 150,000 and 350,000 kWh per year, depending on the distribution of use between winter and summer. It applies, for example, to the heating of large homes, small-scale collective heating systems (fewer than 20 homes), with or without hot water production, and to many uses of natural gas in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

Rate option for an annual use above 150,000 kWh.

SMEG • Gaz

Gas+ rate

Suitable for gas users with annual use above a threshold varying between 150,000 and 350,000 kWh per year. It includes a subscription fee, and a different prorated price for two different seasons:
- winter, from 1 November to 31 March
- summer, from 1 April to 31 October.

SMEG changed gas supplier in 2019

SMEG is keen to offer its customers the most competitive rates, so it plays the competition card for its energy suppliers.
During the last call for tenders, and after having consulted several European
operators, the French supplier Gaz de Bordeaux submitted the most
competitive offer while guaranteeing the best quality of service. Gaz de
Bordeaux was selected and has been supplying SMEG with natural gas
since 1 January 2019. The physical transport of the molecules remains
unchanged: the natural gas is transported from France by the French
carrier GRT gaz to the Franco-Monegasque border, where it is taken over
by SMEG's infrastructure..

Maintaining competitive natural gas supply conditions is essential for Monaco's consumers. It will be even more so in the years to come, to help with the recent ban on fuel oil for collective heating systems from 2022, and to further commit to the Principality's energy transition alongside developing renewable energies: solar and thalassothermal energy..

Catalogue of services

This catalogue outlines the technical services offered by SMEG as Manager of the Public Electricity and Natural Gas Distribution Network in the Principality of Monaco. SMEG reserves the right to modify the content of this catalogue to reflect technical or regulatory developments.

Services are provided on working days (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) and during working hours. Working hours for the provision of services are from 8am to 5pm.

Exceptionally, and subject to our teams' availability, certain services may be carried out :

- on the day of the request, with an additional charge ("same-day" activation or restoration service).
- outside working days and hours, with an additional charge.

Catalogue of services
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