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Go rate = 100% Green Electricity Rate (from 3kVA to 36 kVA)

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Go is entirely supplied with green electricity.

The electricity supplied by SMEG under the "go" contract is guaranteed to be of renewable origin.

You make a direct contribution to one of the Principality's energy transition goals: to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the country's consumption. All electricity consumption under the "Go rate" includes renewable source certificates. SMEG certifies that the equivalent of the electrical energy consumption provided for all its customers who use the "Go rate" has been produced from renewable sources.

A Renewable Source Certificate: SMEG provides you with a Renewable Source Certificate certifying that the equivalent of the electrical energy consumption provided for all its customers who use the "Go rate" has been produced from renewable sources for 2020. The certificate is only available in your myNexio customer area.

Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

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Green electricity

The amount of green electricity purchased in the Principality of Monaco is close to 75% of total consumption. Green electricity is all electricity produced from a renewable energy source. This currently includes solar energy, including photovoltaic and thermal, wind power, tidal power, wave energy, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy.

Unlike fossil energy, renewable energy* comes from sources that renew sufficiently rapidly to be considered to be inexhaustible within a human timescale.


Go rate: choose the right rate

The Go rate varies according to several criteria:

- The power subscribed
- The service chosen ("base" or "peak/off-peak").

Customers concerned: Power less than or equal to 36 kVA.
Your choice of rate depends on the power you need and how you want to use your equipment

Go rate gives you the choice between two options:

Go rate "base" option:

A fixed premium based on the power subscribed.
A single price per kWh 24/7, year-round.
Simple and practical, the Base option is ideal if you don't have significant
electrical equipment, or if you can't run it in the evening or at night.

The Go rate with the off-peak option:

A fixed premium based on the power subscribed
Two kWh rates that vary according to the time of day. (off-peak hours: 8 hours/night)

More attractive, this option allows you to benefit from a reduced energy price during this off-peak period. It is recommended if you have electric heating or air conditioning, if you have a hot water boiler* for individual domestic hot water production or if you can programme your dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc. during the night.

* The activation of a water heater, if any, can be delayed until after the start of the off-peak period. Automatic activation will always take place at the end of this same period.

NB: Use during certain hours is recorded on a "peak hours" meter and billed at a higher price than the "base" option; use during 8 hours at night is recorded on an "off-peak hours" meter and billed at a lower price. Your meter indicates whether your use is recorded in peak or off-peak hours.

Your SMEG electricity contract

When you take out your electricity contract, your power* and rate option are defined with your adviser, based on your installation and equipment.

*Power is the capacity of your domestic installation to simultaneously operate all the electrical equipment in your home. It is expressed in kVA (kilovoltampere).

  • If the power you choose is not high enough, your circuit breaker and/or your meter will "cut off" the power supply as soon as you use too many appliances at the same time..
  • If the power is too high, you pay too high a fixed premium unnecessarily. So you need to find the power best suited to your needs: between 3 kVA and 36 kVA.

The contract is signed for a minimum period of 1 year and is automatically renewed.

After one year's consumption, you can request a price analysis to make sure your contract is the best for your needs, or simply access your online simulation by logging in to your Mynexio customer area.

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SMEG • Choisir Electricité

Catalogue of services

This catalogue outlines the technical services offered by SMEG as Manager of the Public Electricity and Natural Gas Distribution Network in the Principality of Monaco. SMEG reserves the right to modify the content of this catalogue to reflect technical or regulatory developments.

Services are provided on working days (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) and during working hours. Working hours for the provision of services are from 8am to 5pm.

Exceptionally, and subject to our teams' availability, certain services may be carried out :

- on the day of the request, with an additional charge ("same-day" activation or restoration service).
- outside working days and hours, with an additional charge.

Catalogue of services
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